Our Story


This is our Brand Promise:

We design a better experience. ‘Cause, it impacts the outcome.


We are process driven.

We believe that a better process yields a better outcome. With each project, we improve our process to improve outcomes. While each project is unique, there are some fundamental data gathering that all websites, logos and videos have in common and we start there.  The tools we use in each field help simplify the journey, discovery, and collaboration for us and our clients.

We're a small design studio in Surrey BC.

designing for both digital marketing (90%) & traditional print (10%) advertising. We provide service to start-up businesses that are in need of branding, logo and website. Most of our clients are small and mid-size companies that go through a rebrand or simply want to feature a new product through marketing ads.








Our motto

Design is a language. Innovate


There is always room to improve, room to inspire, room to create a positive impact. 

Ever wondered through space and suddenly discovered something unexpected and extremely pleasant? Your body freezes and you hold your breath for an instant, the air fills your chest, your soul stretches outwards and uncontrollably you say… “WOW”. This feeling, this state of immersive experience that lasts with you long after the moment is gone, is universal. It is what we are after at “the wow studio”.


Our Brand Attributes

Creativity & Play

“If necessity Is the mother of invention, then play is its father” – Steven Johnson.

Golden Ration


Everything can be designed with a sense of purpose, a direction. There are geometry, math, and science in aesthetics. There is a function in art.


Power naps, books, & music are strategies to solve and innovate. A relaxed & distracted mind can increase dopamine, increase creativity, and achieve eureka.


We ask many questions including the stupid ones. Because as Roger Von Oech said: “Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different”


Bad design makes our stomachs turn. When we hire designers, we expose them to bad design during the interview. Successful candidates vomit on the spot. And voila, we know who’s the right people for the job.


Wow is an exclamation of surprise upon discovery of something specially pleasing. We try to achieve that in design to create memorable experiences.

P.S. We suffer when we see something out of place, show modesty about what goes into making thing better, and never mention how we spend many extra hours free of charge just to make something work aesthetically.


Our passion for aesthetics and good design is a curse. Once we went grocery shopping and ended up rearranging an entire fruit section by type, size, color, and quality.

Yep, as we were saying… it is a curse, but a curse that you can benefit from.

Ahssan [ace.on]

Founder & Creative Director

Our photographer’s understanding of a “headshot” is a bit abstract. But he insisted that the back of Ahssan’s head was his best feature. When Ahssan insisted that people need to see his face, this is what we got. It’s actually a very good depiction of him.




Meet Emir! always on the move with his gear. Tackles any project with no fear. But always humble and sincere.


Photographer & Soft Thinker

One could say Hamid has been doing photography since he was an infant. He takes a photo of everything that moves. Did you just move? He is also in charge of all our social media activities. How many tweets so far? Zero.


Designer & 3D Animator

Meet our talented Designer. No, we did not hire a model. He just happens to be lucky in his looks. And yes, after seeing Ahssan’s photo, he insisted very strongly on hiring his own photographer to take his photo.

In short, this is how we feel about design.

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