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Sometimes the best way to zoom in is to zoom out.

Design is a language

Sometimes the best way to zoom in is to zoom out.

Design is a language

zoom out

This is our Brand Promise: We design a better experience. ‘Cause, it impacts the outcome.

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My mother’s cake

  When I was 15 years old, I was on a soccer team, and we had an indoor tournament.The parents were asked to bake and donate the cake to the team. Cake and coffee would be then sold at the tournament to raise money for the team. Now I loved my mom’s cake. But she...

3rd eye connect

3rd eye connect project involved a full-scale rebranding from the design of the logo to the website, artworks, business cards, social media, and photography.  The privilege of working with Startup businesses is that you don’t just interact with the business side of...

kama.ai brand identity design

kama.ai is a Canadian Indigenous company. Their "patented Designed Emotional Intelligence® platform puts the human touch into automation and AI interactions. The kama DEI system uses natural language understanding to learn, recognize, and respond to customers based on...

Our Services

Brand Identity Design

Humans are 90% visual. Think impact.

Your company name, logo, business card, and website impact how your consumers feel about your business, products, and services. Therefore, at the heart of the design process, we place brand positioning, brand story, and brand personality. We understand aesthetics, typography, iconography. Because if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Motion Graphics Design

Your story is only as good as your ability to convey it.

Through motion graphics we can increase the impact and memorability of your brand. Furthermore, we offer a compact service from Storyboarding, Voice-over, Motion Graphics to mastering and Network Distribution.

UX Design

Successful websites yield great UX design.

Align business goals and services to the target user needs for meaningful and relevant experience. Create flow and Implement conversion strategies to boost up ROI.

Why work with us?

To impact, change, engage, inspire and design a better experience.

Isn’t that worth striving for?
Isn’t that worth dying investing for?

Client Testimonials 🙂

We were extremely pleased with our project with The Wow Studio. We were undergoing a full name/logo/brand change as well as a website redesign. In addition, we were undergoing a slight shift in our market and strategic direction. The Wow Studio was able to walk us comfortably through this entire transformation and we are delighted with the results.

Brian Ritchie
CEO, kama.ai


It has been an amazing experience. The wow studio helped me pinpoint what I needed to have a web that is attractive as well as conducive to the different populations that I am working with. In addition, to the web design, I got all the marketing materials such as logo, pamphlets, banner, t-shirts, stamps everything I needed to start my business. My clients love my web I get such positive feedback from them. I am very proud to have people visit my website. I highly recommend the wow studio.

Rickie Avitan
founder, rickieavitanpsychicmedium.ca


It was a great experience. The wow studio understood our logo design needs. And able to provide a design that worked with who our company is and what are were trying to achieve.

Dalvir Sanghera
Co-Owner Apna Group, Apna Group Inc

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What do successful brands focus on?

At the wow studio we believe successful brands focus on creating an experience, a unique story, and an emotional connection. And we are all about that : )